How Does API Token Management Work in the Leap IDE?

Users with accounts that predate the multiple-project support feature (released on December 2, 2020) might have manually configured API tokens as environment variables in the Leap IDE. Such configuration requires manual updates each time you reset your token. The new feature handles API tokens automatically. You can take full advantage of this by editing your environment variables.

To edit your environment variables go to the Workspaces page. Click on your name in the top right corner and select Settings.

You might notice that in the Environment Variables section there is DWAVE_API_TOKEN. You can delete it by clicking the leap_kebab_menu.png > Delete context menu. If you are in multiple projects, you might have multiple tokens.

If you keep the DWAVE_API_TOKEN environment variable set, make sure to update it if you want time deducted from a different project or if you reset your token.

See also the Leap IDE User Guide.

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