Leap Subscriptions

All Leap access is subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

Trial Plan

This is where you start when you first sign up for a Leap subscription. 


  • One minute of QPU access time for one month, or 20 minutes of hybrid solver time, or any combination thereof.  
  • Access to Leap demos, examples, our online IDE, the Ocean software tools, and other resources.
    Note that because the demos and examples actually send problems to the system, you will need to change to the Developer Plan or upgrade your account to continue using these resources to their full extent after your first month. 
  • Access to Leap Community support.

Developer Plan

After the end of your trial, you can continue to additional time on the system each month by agreeing to open-source any software you develop using the QPU or our hybrid solvers. To do so, provide your GitHub credentials within Leap. 


  • One minute of QPU access time per month, or 20 minutes of hybrid solver time, or any combination thereof.  (Renews automatically.)  
  • Continued access to Leap demos, examples, the IDE, and other resources.
  • Continued access to Leap Community support.

Commercial Access Plans

Expand your access to the QPU and hybrid solvers. Visit this page to learn more about our Commercial Access plans.

Custom Plans

Individually tailored plans, with the amount of system time and professional support that suits your needs.  Contact us for more information.

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