Leap IDE

Release: Leap 2

Date: February 26, 2020

This release introduces a new online integrated developer environment (IDE) as part of
Leap. The Leap IDE provides a ready-to-code environment in the cloud for Python development.
Accessible from your browser, it is configured with the latest Ocean SDK and includes the new D-Wave problem inspector and standard Python debugging tools. Seamless GitHub integration means that you can easily access D-Wave’s latest code examples, develop quantum applications, and contribute to the Ocean tools from within the IDE.

Powered by gitpod.io, the Leap IDE is customizable via a Docker file.


Check out the Leap IDE here: https://ide.dwavesys.io/workspaces/

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  • The workspaces page flashes rapidly. I'm using the latest version of Chrome on my Mac. I have Chrome set to block cookies by default but to allow them for specific domains including https://[*.]dwavesys.com and https://[*.]dwavesys.io. Are there other domains I need to allow to set cookies?

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  • Hi Scott!
    Glad you're checking out the IDE.
    We are looking into this and have been able to reproduce the issue you have experienced. Thanks for reporting this - we will get back to you with more info soon.
    - Fiona

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