Free Quantum Cloud Access for Global Response to COVID-19

Thank you for your interest in joining our development initiative to help fight COVID-19.

We are faced with a real problem that reaches around the world. Our hope is to bring together researchers across multiple disciplines to help find solutions to some of the problems raised by the COVID-19 epidemic.

As you can imagine, optimization is a useful approach to solving many of the challenges presented by COVID-19, from the problem of getting resources to people stuck in quarantine, to simulating protein folding, and beyond. 

We are making available free Leap resources to help fight COVID-19. This includes time on our quantum processing units (QPUs) and hybrid solvers, as well as access to a wealth of other resources to help you get started, including our online integrated development environment (IDE), community discussion forums, learning materials, and more.

Currently, this special COVID-19 Leap access is offered to users in those countries where Leap access is already available.

Get Started

Sign up:

  • Visit our COVID-19 signup page to create an account:
  • Users with existing Leap accounts can contribute to this effort by signing up for a COVID-19 Leap account with a second e-mail address.

Join the COVID-19 discussion in our community:

Sign up to check out our examples page:

  • Each example has a link that opens it in the pre-built Leap IDE so you can run it on D-Wave QPUs and hybrid solvers, and start modifying it to suit your needs right away.



Thank you for your interest in working with D-Wave, our customers, and our partners to alleviate the stress caused by the burgeoning COVID-19 crisis.


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