How Does the Leap IDE Know Which Project to Deduct Time From?

It depends on your system configuration and how the API token is selected.

1) Manual setup:

If you have either set DWAVE_API_TOKEN in your environment variables or hard coded it in your code as:

sampler = DWaveSampler(token="ABC-123456789123456789123456789")

then the time will be deducted from the project to which the provided API token belongs.

To avoid using time from the wrong project accidentally, the system handles token management automatically. For more information regarding this, refer to How does API token management work in the Leap IDE?.

2) Automatic setup:

Any newly created workspace is pinned to the project that is active at the time of creation. The names of pinned projects are displayed in the list of workspaces. For further details, refer to How do I know which project my workspace belongs to?.

After you open your workspace in the Leap IDE, you can check the project in the terminal as follows:


This gives you the project in use for this workspace from which the time is deducted each time you run a problem.

See also the Leap IDE User Guide.

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