How Do I Submit a Problem to a Solver by Region Using the Leap IDE?

Solvers are available by region. This article explains how to make a simple change in the Leap IDE to submit a problem to a solver in a particular region: eu-central-1.

Note: Not all accounts have access to solvers in all the available regions. Check your Leap Dashboard to see what solvers are available to you.

To submit a problem to a solver by region using the Leap IDE:

  1. Go to the Resources page in Leap and click the Ocean Code Examples card.
  2. In the search bar, type qpu. Several code examples that submit problems to the QPU are displayed.
  3. Hover your mouse over one of the examples; for example, the Structural Imbalance in Signed Social Networks example.  
  4. Click the Load in IDE popup.
  5. Wait for Leap’s online IDE to open the example in your browser.
  6. Open a terminal from the IDE’s top-bar commands.
  7.  In the terminal, type the following (note that the second line is specific to the example):
export DWAVE_API_REGION=eu-central-1    
python --qpu

The script submits a problem to the QPU in the eu-central-1 region and returns a solution.

Note: The Structural Imbalance in Signed Social Networks example also creates a graphic file, structural imbalance qpu global.png, that visualizes the solution. Click on the returned file to display the visualization.

Note: By default, problems are submitted to solvers in North America. To return to submitting problems to solvers in the North American region, run the following command in your terminal:

export DWAVE_API_REGION=na-west-1


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