Independent tuning in Anneal

Hi, is it possible to independently tune A(s) and B(s) during annealing? 



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  • Hello,

    Unfortunately it is not possible to tune A(s) and B(s) independently. 
    They will follow the shape of the graph in Figure 77 from our Annealing Implementation and Controls documentation.

    It is possible to change the anneal schedule for the whole system by adjusting the anneal schedule. You can take a look at the same documentation under Varying the Global Anneal Schedule.

    It is also possible to set offsets for each of the individual qubits. The Anneal Offset page is linked to just below the Pause and Quench title on the Annealing Implementation Controls page.

    This community post has a code example demonstrating setting anneal offsets.

    I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any questions. 


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