getting variables' value in SAPI

I am working on Matlab and trying to use D-wave API. first, I try to understand D-wave API and I simulate some models with python. I used the D-wave hybrid solver and printed the JSON result. it does not contain variables' values and I am confused. it just sends energy-level. sample output : 

{'id': 'e3e9640b-1983-4efe-997e-c00ded2a0bd0',
 'data': {'format': 'ref', 'data': '188caabf-bc70-48c4-9851-659463031ad2'},
 'params': {'time_limit': 5},
'metadata': {'submitted_by': 'DEV-****************************************',
  'solver': 'hybrid_binary_quadratic_model_version2',
  'type': 'bqm',
  'submitted_on': '2022-11-17T13:28:30.724893Z',
  'solved_on': '2022-11-17T13:28:38.034581Z',
  'status': 'COMPLETED',
  'messages': [],
  'label': 'REST Submission to hybrid BQM solver'},
 'answer': {'format': 'bq',
  'data': {'type': 'SampleSet',
   'version': {'sampleset_schema': '3.1.0'},
   'num_variables': 4,
   'num_rows': 1,
   'sample_data': {'type': 'array',
    'data': [[2]],
    'data_type': 'uint32',
    'shape': [1, 1],
    'use_bytes': False},
   'sample_type': 'int8',
   'sample_packed': True,
   'vectors': {'energy': {'type': 'array',
     'data': [-10.0],
     'data_type': 'float64',
     'shape': [1],
     'use_bytes': False},
    'num_occurrences': {'type': 'array',
     'data': [1],
     'data_type': 'int64',
     'shape': [1],
     'use_bytes': False}},
   'variable_labels': ['x', 'y', 'z', 'j'],
   'variable_type': 'BINARY',
   'info': {'qpu_access_time': 223865,
    'charge_time': 4999371,
    'run_time': 4999371}}}}


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