Does the Leap's Hybrid always run the same time?

Dear DWave team, 
I have noticed it that when using the Leap's Hybrid solver and checking the time, I usually get almost the same charging time all the time (about 3 seconds). I have tried different time_limit parameters and I always get very similar results. Is this normal behaviour?



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  • Hi Marina-Fernandez,

    The charge_time field (mentioned here) is usually the minimum of the run_time field and the time_limit parameter.

    Basically, run_time is the amount of time needed to run the problem as close to user-set time_limit as possible.
    For very short time_limit values, the minimum run_time might be greater than the time_limit selected, which will result in an error suggesting for the minimum time_limit possible based on the problem size.
    For longer time_limit values, the problem will run up until around the same time as time_limit.
    Due to the nature of the Hybrid Solver Service, there will be a little variation between the user select time_limit and the run_time values. 

    In your case, it could be that the minimum possible run_time of the submitted problem is around 3 seconds and is the smaller of the time_limit and run_time values. 

    If you are noticing a different behavior, please let me know.

    I hope this helps!


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