Is there method for adjust transverse field?

By using QUBO formula, I can't take in Transverse field equation


I was tried using of annealing schedule but it was failed .


Is there any another method for adjusting transverse field?

(I want to get solution for transverse field isingmodel)



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  • Hello,

    Could you please provide some more details about what you would like to do?
    The more specific you can be and the more information, the better we will be able to point you in the right direction.

    Our Quantum Annealing systems are designed to return solutions when the Transverse Field is small compared to the Longitudinal Field. A visualization of this exists in our QPU Solver Data Sheet docs in figure 78. The blue line A(s) is the Transverse Field, which starts at a high value and decreases to 0, and the red line B(s) is the Longitudinal Field, which starts close to 0 and increases to a maximum value at the end of the anneal.

    Anneal Offsets can be used to adjust the curves in figure 78 for each qubit. There are limitations to the curves drawn for any qubit though, such as how quickly the anneal can proceed (i.e. the steepness of the curve). All anneal offset schedules must finish in this state with A(s) at 0 and B(s) at 1.

    Even though the two fields are changing in strength, the qubits will stop changing state quite some time before the end of the anneal. The point where qubits stop changing state is called the Freezeout Point. There is a technique called Pause and Quench which is used in this paper, Discriminating Non-Isomorphic Graphs with an Experimental Quantum Annealer, to attempt to probe the Quantum Hamiltonian in the middle of an anneal.

    Please do read the above research paper as it is very informative. Please also note that, since the freezeout point happens fairly late and the max slope of the anneal offset can't be very steep, it is not possible to probe the Quantum Hamiltonian very early in the anneal.

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