Documentation map (or, which way is +1?)

I find the documentation awkward to use. It would be helpful to have something like a master atlas and index/search to avoid having to locate the individual documentation repositories.

For example, when looking at the map coloring example in dw-docs pages, there was a reference to EmbeddingComposite, which was called a structured sampler. After a trip down the rabbit hole I finally found the API documentation for EmbeddingComposite, listed under Composites, in the dwave-system pages.



  • Hello Thomas,

    Thanks for your feedback! We are planning on upgrading the search tool here in the help centre that will allow users to search across all our articles, community posts, and documentation. 

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  • Update on this feature: we have improved our search capabilities to reach all relevant Leap documentation. You can now search all this content on the search bars in Help Centre and Community.

    Try it out and let us know what you think!

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  • Thanks!  It is very helpful to be able to search across all the docs and forums.

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