How to find a Solver (for PySMT)...

This is about dwavebinarycsp and pysmt, and troubleshooting tips. My dwavebinarycsp seemed to break down, but it is up and running again after tweaking PySMT.

First, PySMT is Python package for handling SMT, or satisfiability modulo theories. PySMT can install and manage solvers. PySMT (together with its plugin solvers) is used by the dwavebinarycsp.stitch(csp) function.

Second, for an unknown reason, PySMT can start complaining about: "pysmt.exceptions.NoSolverAvailableError: No Solver is available"

I recommend a couple things to try if your solver does not solve...

pysmt-install --check # this checks on your solvers
pysmt-install --env # your solvers need to be in your Python path

I cannot offer step-by-step advice for troubleshooting other people's PySMT issues, but I hope the notes in this post can help anyone else wrestling with PySMT.





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