Viewing D-Wave 2000Q_2_1 graph by revisiting old submissions?

I took a medium-length hiatus between uses of the D-wave 2000Q device. On the cloud website, it was possible to submit problems on the D-Wave by setting h and J bias values on an interactive graph that displays all the working qubits/ couplers on a chip a user has access to. This served as a sort of interactive Demo but with results from actual chip runs. In addition, previously submitted problems (whether through this or the API) could be viewed. With Leap, all I can find is a log of submitted problems. Is there still a way to view an interactive version of the D-Wave 2000Q_2_1 graph? I find this helpful for troubleshooting bugs in code, and trying to generate my own version of the graph using networkx is not nearly as polished, so the display is not actually very helpful.




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