Airbus Launches its Quantum Computing Challenge Today

Airbus unveiled the details of its quantum computing challenge today, which was first mentioned at the Quantum2Business (Q2B) conference in December.

Check it out! 

From Airbus:

The Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge (AQCC) addresses aerospace flight physics problems developed by company experts. Airbus is providing the quantum computing community with a unique opportunity to test and assess the newly-available computing capabilities to solve some of our most difficult and complex problems, and in doing so, further legitimize and fuel progress of this technology.

The challenge puts forward five distinct flight physics problems with varying degrees of complexity, ranging from a simple mathematical question to a global flight physics problem.

Through the Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge, the company aims to develop strong ties within the quantum community and encourage support in answering key questions facing the aerospace industry.

The challenge launched beginning of 2019 and runs throughout the whole year. It is open to the whole scientific community of experts, researchers, start-ups, academics and will lay the ground for the ultimate shift to a Quantum era in aerospace.

More information is here: 


Disclaimer: D-Wave is not affiliated with this contest.




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