Training Class: "D-Wave Quantum Programming" (Feb 19-20, Hanover MD)

Learn to program the D-Wave quantum computer in a classroom setting!

What: D-Wave Quantum Programming

When: February 20-21 2019

Where: Hanover MD

Registration link: 

This lecture/lab format provides hands-on experience programming a D-Wave quantum computer system.  The goal of this class is to expand attendees' understanding of quantum computing as implemented on the D-Wave system.  Labs are integrated into each module; attendees will have access to a live system via Leap.  

During class you will learn: 

  • About the hardware and software environment for a D-Wave quantum computer  
  • How to solve and think about problems on a D-Wave quantum computer
  • Methods of programming a D-Wave quantum computer
  • How to use tools and run problems on a live D-Wave quantum computing system
  • About customer prototype applications and discuss your application ideas. 





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