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On the page at 
could you please explain what each numerical value is and how one would specify it in the line at

bqm BinaryQuadraticModel({'x1': 0.0, 'x2': 0.0, 'y1': 6.0}, {('x2', 'x1'): 2.0, ('y1', 'x1'): -4.0, ('y1', 'x2'): -4.0}, -1.5, Vartype.BINARY)


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  • Hello Audrey,

    The BQM you provided is an example of an AND gate, where x1 and x2 are the "input" variables and y1 is the "output." The BQM has low energy states when the AND gate shows a correct configuration (e.g. x1=1, x2=1, y1=1) and high energy states when the AND gate does not show a correct configuration (e.g. x1=1, x2=1, y1=0).

    A summary of the mathematics behind writing the AND gate in BQM format can be found in the article Boolean AND Gate

    I would also recommend trying the Factoring Demo and Jupyter Notebook, which discuss gates and BQMs in more detail.

    Please let me know if this answers your question.

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