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I've learnt how to program Ising models with provided API. For example now I only know how to send coefficient (J, h)to dwave.embedding.embed_ising, but the inner process is just a black box. However I'd like to understand more deeply the process of programming the QPU, because want to implement my own algorithms. Is there any possible way to learn it except for looking through documentation?

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  • Hello,

    The best way to understand the embedding process is to take a look at the following pages of the documentation.

    The first page explains the actual structure of the QPU:

    The second page explains the process of "minor embedding" and making "chains":

    Unfortunately at the moment this is the best way to learn how the QPU works, however this documentation in particular is a little easier to read than some of the more technical documentation we have.

    As for more resources, there are a few recordings of previous webinars on our Youtube page that go over several areas:

    Probably the best course of actions is to ask questions about areas that you don't understand, and then our team or other community members can help clear things up!

    I hope this was helpful!

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