How to import SAPI in C++

Hi, my program is written in C++ and during the program I would need to use D-Wave solver to return optimal solutions.

I understand that D-Wave provides API in python but would still want to know whether it is possible to import SAPI in C++.

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  • Hello,

    So our suggestion is to use an integration library that calls Python from C, taking advantage of the Ocean tools library that we are currently supporting. 

    A couple of options that you could try are Cython, and pybind11.

    Although there are also legacy sapi client libraries for C, it is not recommended to use these as they are deprecated and no longer supported, which means it may or may not be possible to build them.
    They are also under strict licensing terms which might conflict with many use cases.

    I hope this helps. 
    Please let us know if you have any questions.

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