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My name is David Jeffrey Merwin and a beginner interesting in studying Quantum computing. What advice do you have to get started? Thank you for your help and guidance. Cell: 6147951727


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  • Hello,

    For quantum computing in general, I am not sure where you could start.

    Understanding time complexity in normal computer science might help illuminate some of the kinds of gains possible in quantum computing.

    You might want to do a quick search for introductory material on quantum computing.

    As for quantum annealing of the type we perform at D-Wave, you can take a look at the resources page in Leap.

    Here is a link for convenience:

    There are interactive demos, which are a simple starting point:

    There is a lot of great documentation as well!
    If you take a look at the Getting Started Guide, there are a couple of beginner links that you can take a look at:

    If you don't have a good grasp of the Python coding language, you might want to do a quick intro.
    A quick web search will give you lots of resources.
    Python is a pretty well-used programming language, with a very large community.
    Note that Python 3 is now the standard across the board, as Python 2 was deprecated and is no longer supported.

    You can take a look at the Jupyter Notebooks, which walk you through some code examples:

    You can also open a demo project in the online IDE and run the code there to see some programs people have written:

    Once you start writing your own code, getting on the community and posting questions and ideas is also another great way to get involved and learn.

    I hope this was helpful!

    Feel free to ask more questions or for clarification!

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