Optimization problems with/after COVID19

Hi, this is Masayuki Ohzeki from Tohoku Univ./Sigma-i Co., Ltd. in Japan.

We have several expertized knowledge and techniques for creating a mathematical form, which is suitable for optimization in quantum annealer.

The optimization problem is, roughly speaking, finding a good way for doing someone's desire.

In more detail, among many combinations and candidates, we select a good answer satisfying various demands and conditions.

For instance, now, in Japan, we are building new detention facilities for people with minor injuries.

Where? and how many? are they built can be solved by the quantum annealer.

We upload several challenges on our webpage and share here as soon as possible,


Now we have uploaded the first challenge for minimization of the distance travel to places that's ready to take patients in.

If you have any ideas being optimized and some problems involving a huge number of variables that are beyond human control, please tell us. (No problem rough questions.)





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