Simulation on infection and social distancing

We are MDR and Cliffhanger team from Japan of quantum engineer and doctors.

We opened our website in Japanese  and already publish the first simulation on qubo on infection.

We also have some qubo formulation on genome. We want to contribute to the community.





  • Hi Yuichiro,

    Thanks for the link on social distancing.  For some reason I could not translate from URLs for the three child pages, but it was just a matter of selecting the text and pasting it into Google Translate.   What do you have mind for a genome project?



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  • Thank you Marcus, we just translated the page into English. At the moment we are doing the simulation of infection in Tokyo and finish the final version of existing simple model soon maybe on this weekend.

    We are already started the genome but not publish the detail yet because still checking it on some model.

    Anyway we have already consume a lot of machine time and need much more. We also our own machine time but not changed to the HSS yet.

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