Cannot connect to solver

I am trying to run a sample program in the online IDE. But it produces an error " No solver with name='DW_2000Q_5' available". I tried configuring dwave but it does not seem to work. 



  • Hi Samik,

    The Leap IDE is trying to access the DW_2000Q_5 solver, which we recently replaced with the DW_2000Q_6. We are working on automatically updating this environment variable for all users, but in the meantime please make the following changes:

    1. Go into the IDE Workspaces tab, click on your username and select Settings.
    2. Scroll down to Environment variables and change the  value in the DWAVE_API_SOLVER field to DW_2000Q_6 


    The latest QPU solver can be found at the bottom of the Dashboard.

    Let me know if this doesn't fix your issue!

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  • Thanks Alex! It solved the issue.

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