What is the default method for the embedding composite to decode chains?

I have looked through the documentation and am not able to find what method the embedding composite uses by default to deal with chain breaks. I assume it is either locally minimizing the energy of each broken chain or taking a majority vote, but which is it doing? I know there are ways to tell it which method to use, but I already have some experimental data where I just left it as the default and don't know which method was used.



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  • By default the EmbeddingComposite uses majority vote to deal with chain breaks. The documentation doesn't explicitly say that right now (this is a work in progress and will be updated soon). 

    I can show you where to find this in the code. When the EmbeddingComposite samples the QPU, it calls unembed_sampleset to get the sample set for the BQM that was solved. This function also performs some post processing, such as dealing with broken chains. The default chain_break_method is majority vote. 

    The other options for processing broken chains are

    • Discard  - discards samples with broken chains
    • Majority vote (default) - chooses a value for the chain based on the most value in the chain
    • Weighted random - uses a weighed random choice to select the value of broken chains
    • Minimize energy - minimizes the local energy for broken chains

    I hope this helps!

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