Herd vs Lockdown meets Dijkstra Shortest Path

A team in India is taking the Herd vs Lockdown COVID SIRD model and applying it to a pressing need of 

a) determining which sections of a city should be optimally locked down

b) what are the optimal routes that can be travelled to avoid lockdown areas

c) how the re-routed traffic further helps or hinders the economy and disease transmission

d) can quantum-annealing inform the most optimized schedule of lockdown taking the above factors to reduce disruption to the economy while also reducing the transmission and impact of the disease

We will continue to inform the D-Wave teams and D-Wave COVID community on our progress.  Please continue to make resources available as we look at new formulations and validate our model and results.

The current COVID SIRD model is available at https://github.com/AlignedIT/SIR-Model


Please contact Alex Khan at alex.khan@alignedit.com or connect with me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexkhanmba/




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