Getting Developer Access: Webpage Missing Submit Button?

Hello DWave,

I got a notification today that my quantum time expires after 1 free month.

I would like to renew it monthly under the "developer access" option, where I post code publically.
I already did! :) Thanks for the possibility for this scheme to explore dwave QC. :)

However, trying to choose this, I arrive at
where I entered by Github name and Github URL, but there seems to be no submit button
(only an edit button), so it seems I am stuck there.

Could you help me out with this please?

thanks and best regards,





  • Hi Peter, 

    It sounds like you already successfully signed up for a Developer account. The edit button you see when you click on the Developer plan means that your GitHub credentials have been entered and your QPU access time updated. Here are a couple other ways you can confirm that you have a Developer account:

    1.  On your leap dashboard, in the widget containing your API token, your 'Account type' will change from 'Trial Plan' to 'Developer Plan' (as shown below)
    2. Click on your name in the top right corner and select Settings (as shown below); on the Settings page you can verify the plan you upgraded to and the GitHub credentials you entered. Here's a direct link for quick reference:

    Any time you upgrade your account or change your account settings, Leap will send you an email notification about the change. If you didn't receive this email it may have ended up in your spam folder.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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  • Dear Sukhraan,

    Thank you for your answer.
    All confirmation method work out well, and indeed, I later discovered I also got a confirmation email as well. It's just that the usual web-habits is to either have to press enter or press a submit button to send some form info.

    Thanks for the help. :)


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