Typo in commented formula in from dimod.generators.constraints import combinations


Can you please check this line in the contsraints.py file?

line 92 #     = \sum_i,j x_ix_j + (1 - 2k)\sim_i x_i + k^2
I think there is a missing _ and sim-sum typo in line 92 and that should be \sum_i,_j x_ix_j + (1 - 2k)\sum_i x_i + k^2.
or even
\sum_i\sum_j x_ix_j + (1 - 2k)\sum_i x_i + k^2? 
Can you please update the formula? For beginners like me these typos like this can be really confusing.


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  • Hello Imre,

    Thank you for pointing this out. You are right about the "sim" typo, it should be "sum". I have forwarded your concerns and it will be corrected.

    However, the second one that is \sum_i,j is a simplified version of \sum_{i,j}(as in latex) for the purpose of comments, it cannot be interpreted as \sum_i,_j.

    Please let us know if you have further concerns.

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