#relentlessly realistic quantum interest: Quantum based Edge computing

An area of interest to relentlessly use the Q-computing is to optimise edge computing using quantum computers. These devices could be used to create edge-computing networks that operate more efficiently under extreme traffic loads. This would help move information move rapidly across the networks. The nodes may then operate at peer-to-peer level of quantum applications.



  • This sounds like a really interesting area of research. 
    There are a number of applications that have been developed to optimize traffic and resource distribution.

    Have you had a chance to look at our Quantum Applications page? 
    Perhaps you can get an idea of how to move forward with developing this idea from some of these applications.


    Perhaps "Traffic Flow Optimization using the D-Wave Quantum Annealer".

    We also have a number of resources, such as our collection of code examples. 


    Maybe something like the "Satellite Placement" example could be helpful.

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  • Thanks David for this one. Would be interesting to start on.

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