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How quantum inspired algorithms work on classical computers and up to what extent they can improve the program?



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  • Quantum inspired algorithms can improve some programs in ways similar to how quantum computers can improve results. However, they will do so at slower speeds, since they must simulate the quantum effects.

    In the paper, "Dynamic Portfolio Optimization with Real Datasets Using Quantum Processors and Quantum-Inspired Tensor Networks", the authors take a look at the same question you are asking.

    As a software developer, I like the quantum inspired algorithms, since they give another option to use in solving problems, which can be faster than traditional methods in many cases and also help validate many of the ideas we use in the quantum computers. Also, they give an interim solution to use while quantum computers are still being scaled up to handle larger problems. Given that the quantum inspired algorithms can improve performance on some problems, they may also be the best option to combine with using the QPU as part of a hybrid solution.

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