#relentlessly realistic quantum interest: How to transpose real problems into QUBO formulation

Hi everyone, I'm just recently approaching Quantum Annealing and am finding it particularly difficult to find material on how to transpose real problems into QUBO formulation.

In particular I would then like to use Leap for the solution.

I would be very grateful if anyone has any resources that they have found particularly interesting to suggest to me.

Thank you very much



  • Hi Sara,

    Here are some helpful resources: 

    If you have a particular problem you want to solve, a good starting place will be to check out the existing code examples on Leap. The getting started guide includes a detailed description of some of these examples. Lastly, various user-developed applications on D-Wave's quantum applications page might interest you as well.

    I hope these resources help you to get started with Leap!

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  • Thank you very much Sukhraan, your advice really helped me!

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