How to use MINOR MINER in Python?

I have followed the exact instructions on the GitHub page to build but I am getting the following error. How to fix it?

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'minorminer._minorminer'

Ran 2 tests in 0.003s

FAILED (errors=2)


  • Using minorminer in Python (3.6 - 3.9.x)

    1. Ensure minorminer is setup

    2. Ensure minorminer module is imported before use

    • "import minorminer" or "from minorminer import find_embedding"

    3. minorminer documentation and examples

    I hope the steps above answered your question.

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  • I used the standalone method and got the error I reported. Tried on both Linux and Windows. Thanks. 

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  • Hi Nadia,

    Can you please provide the following additional information

    Reminder: If using a virtual environment, please ensure the virtual environment is activated i.e.  "ocean\Scripts\activate"

    • What is the version of Python shown when running the command "python --version" ?
    • Was  minorminer  installed using the command "pip install minorminer" ? Any errors during install?
    • What do you see when you run the command "pip check minorminer" ? 
    • What do you see when you run the command "pip show minorminer" ?
    • Create a Python .py file (i.e. and paste the following code into the file. 
    # Test import statement
    import sys
    import minorminer

    modulename = 'minorminer'

    if modulename in sys.modules:
    print(f"{modulename} imported SUCCESSFULLY")
    print(f"{modulename} FAILED to import into sys.modules")


    Use the command prompt/console to run the above file (i.e. Does it run successfully?

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