Beginner Question: How do I run a simple function on the Dwave QPU?

Lets say I have a function 


def testFunction (): 

      // add some variables and write to file

     //do something with those variables , as well as converting to strings etc



if __name__ == "__main__":
      testFunction ()
The question is, how would I be able to run this python file on the QPU with 2000qb?
Thank you before hand for helping out a complete beginner.


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  • The QPU doesn't execute instructions they way a CPU does. The D-Wave Quantum Annealer is configured to take a problem expressed as a quadratic models and return a low energy solution for that model.  In its most simplistic form, it is just a minimum function which returns a sampling of values, where low energy solutions (good problem solutions) are more likely than bad ones.

    For some starter resources, take a look at this post: 

    It really is not as abstract as my explanation makes it sound.

    I welcome others to jump in with their explanations.


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