Problem Formulation Guide - Wrong calculation and Translated document

Hi My name is Bank, Natchapol Patamawisut. I'm currently bachelor's degree student in computer engineering from Thailand. I'm interested in quantum machine learning and circuit learning, so the problem formulation guide bqm_dev_guide.pdf ( help me a lot in how to formulate real world problem into quantum computer suitable format.

I decided to translate this document into Thai language. You can check the translated document from this link 

While I was translating this document I found some wrong calculation.

First is on bqm_dev_guide.pdf page 21. Converting QUBO to Ising, I think it should be 

instead of 

Second, the last exercise on page 21, the question is about to maximize box's value, then we need to negative the objective function. So, I think the equation should be  

instead of



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  • Hello,

    It looks like your first observation is correct. 
    I have let the documentation team know about this typo.

    The second one looks like maybe a bit of description is missing. 
    You are correct that the maximization needs to be converted to a minimization in order to run it on the QPU. 
    It might be useful to add a sentence to explain this. 
    Technically the QUBO is correct in the example, but it won't give the results one might expect when run on the system. 
    This is definitely an important distinction to highlight.

    Thank you for pointing these out and getting involved in the community!

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