BQM solver is not giving me the optimal solution?

I'm running my problem which contains 500 binary variables on dwave BQM solver it giving me the feasible solution but not the optimal one and the same problem when I solved through the simulated annealing solver (with 1000 number of reads) it giving me the optimal solution. So my question is what should I change in my problem so that I can get optimal solution from BQM solver.  



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  • Hi, 

    Quantum computing is probabilistic in nature. When the QPU returns a set of results, the ones with the lowest energy are the best solution(s). Due to the probabilistic nature, there's no guarantee the optimal solution(s) are included in the results. 

    A common method used to increase the odds of the optimal solution being included in the results is to increase the number of reads, using the num_reads parameter.

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