Does LeapHybridCQMSampler using Integer Variable give answer as negative valued Integer?

Hello D-wave Users!

I am new to D-wave and enjoying using D-wave.


I am solving some CQM problem with LeapHybridCQMSampler.

Variable as 4 Integer, I[0] I[1] I[2] I[3]                                                                     

objective function with linear summation and constraints with quadratic form summation of those variables above.

Constraint is inequality( e.g summation of quadratic form <= constant ).

I found out that D-wave solver only gives me answer with positive valued integers. But as i solve this with other solvers( used convex optimization) it gives me some negative valued  integers and if i add the constraints Variables to be greater than 0 the results are the same in D-wave solver.

Since i haven't found any statement that CQM Integer variable type doesn't work for negative valued  integer(or maybe i missed it, if so please let me know ), I  guess there is something wrong in my code.

Please help.

Thank you for reading.




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