Jupyter Notebooks Support Feature-Based Solver Selection

Release Number:  3.1.7
Release Date: 2019-09-09


Edit: As of the Ocean SDK 3.0, the DWaveSampler selects a QPU solver by default. For example, you can access an online QPU solver (Advantage is selected over the D-Wave 2000Q) like this:

sampler = DWaveSampler()

For more information, please see How Does the DWaveSampler/DWaveCliqueSampler Select a Solver? 


The Jupyter Notebooks in Leap have been updated to use a new feature now available in the Ocean software: feature-based solver selection. 

Rather than identifying a solver by name, you can now specify what type of solver you need as a dictionary of (feature, value) pairs and the software will return one that satisfies your requirements. Note that you can still specify a solver by name (string) if you prefer. 

For example, the following code asks for a QPU (rather than software solver) with a specific J range:

sampler = DWaveSampler(
solver={'qpu': True, 'extended_j_range__covers': [-2, 1]})

Use Client.get_solvers() to get a list of supported features and values.  

For more information on this feature, see the documentation for the DWaveSampler class.  



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