Lower-Noise QPU Available through Leap

Release date: 2019-05-15

A lower-noise D-Wave 2000Q QPU is now available through Leap. 

Quantum computers exploit such quantum phenomena as entanglement and tunneling to speed up the search for solutions to hard problems. Quantum states are highly susceptible to interaction with the environment—qubits require isolation from their surroundings.

The D-Wave system keeps the QPU at a temperature below 15 mK (near absolute zero) and employs advanced radio frequency (RF) and magnetic shielding against electromagnetic interference. However, the chip itself—for example, electrons in the chip wires—is a source of noise. The new generation of QPUs improves the isolation of the qubits from the noise originating in the chip.

Look for this QPU in the list of solvers available to you on the Leap Dashboard:

Using Ocean, you can specify what type of solver you need as a dictionary of (feature, value) pairs and the software will return one that satisfies your requirements. To explicitly select a lower-noise solver, specify the lower-noise attribute; this is contained within the tags property:

"tags": ["lower_noise"]

 See also the new notebook demonstrating this feature.

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