General Availability of D-Wave Hybrid

Release Date: 2019-06-26

Previously available only as a developer preview, D-Wave Hybrid is now generally available and part of the Ocean SDK.

D-Wave Hybrid provides a simple, open-source hybrid platform for building and running quantum-classical hybrid applications. Use it to build a variety of flexible workflows so resources can be used in parallel to find the optimal solution to a problem.  

D-Wave Hybrid provides out-of-the-box workflows to get you started. As a first step, try Kerberos, a workflow in which D-Wave Hybrid coordinates the work between your laptop’s CPU and the quantum computer to find solutions, such as finding a valid map coloring. You can later use the framework to optimize a hybrid workflow best-suited for your particular problem. 

Note: The Feature Selection Jupyter Notebook uses a hybrid sampler, so it's a good way to get started with D-Wave Hybrid.




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