Hybrid Solver Service

Leap™ Service Release: Leap 2

Date: February 26, 2020

This release introduces the Leap hybrid solver service (HSS), which includes cloud-based quantum-classical hybrid solvers to which you can submit problems formulated as arbitrarily structured binary quadratic models (BQMs). These hybrid solvers implement state-of-the art classical algorithms together with intelligent allocation of the quantum processing unit (QPU) to accommodate even very large problems.

This first release of the HSS includes the hybrid_v1 solver that accepts problems of up to 10,000 variables. It is a portfolio solver, meaning that it runs a variety of classical algorithms in parallel to QPU processing, making it suited to a wide range of problems.

Submit problems to the hybrid solver as you would submit any BQM-formulated problem; from Ocean™ software’s dwave-system tool, use the new LeapHybridSampler.

For examples on using the HSS, see the following resources:

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