Introducing Advantage

Release: Advantage

Date: September 29, 2020

With the release of Advantage, we are delivering a quantum system that was designed to provide business value to real-world quantum applications. By increasing the number of qubits to over 5000 and the number of couplers to over 35 000, this system can handle larger and more complex problems. To learn more about how to get started with this new system and how Advantage differs from the D-Wave 2000Q check out these resources:

  1. The Technology Review for Advantage 
  2. The Exploring the Pegasus Topology Jupyter Notebook 
  3. Moving from the D-Wave 2000Q to Advantage
  4. What problems can I run on Advantage that I can't run on the D-Wave 2000Q?

When you sign in to Leap, you will see an Advantage QPU solver on your Dashboard. The solver at the time of this release has the name Advantage_system1.1. All Advantage systems are named Advantage_system<x.y> where x indicates the solver (D-Wave system) resource and y increments on updates such as newer calibrations.



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