How Do I Find Out about the Status of Solvers, Services, and Websites

Finding the Leap Status Page

The statuses of the various Leap system components are displayed on the Leap Status page.

Tip: To subscribe to an RSS feed of Leap maintenance events, click the Subscribe button.

Receiving HTTP Push Notifications About Component Status Updates in Your Application

You may want to receive notifications when components change statuses; for example, if the status of a hybrid solver changes from Operational to Degraded. In your application, you can receive HTTP push notifications when the status of a specific component or all components changes. This can be achieved by using Hund live-event streams. No user authentication is required.

To receive status updates for all components, simply specify the Leap status page's endpoint,, which uses SSE (Server-Sent Events) to send these notifications.

To receive status updates for an individual Leap component, append the Leap component's ID to the Leap status page's endpoint. The component IDs are returned in the response to the Leap status page endpoint request.

Note: You cannot specify a group as a component to retrieve the statuses of all the underlying components, for example, the "Hybrid Solvers" group.

For information, see the Live Event Streams topic in the Hund knowledge base.

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