Hybrid solver does not respond

I am using the DWAVE 'hybrid_binary_quadratic_model_version2' solver, which is at the moment of the post online. However when I submit my problem through the API to the solver, using the official ocean library, my code gets stuck. It also does not timeout (given a time_limit of 3secs).


Is there any known issue with the hybrid solver?



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  • Maximilian,

    The different types of hybrid solvers each have a minimum time limit, which varies based on the size of the problem. One item to check is to see if the time limit you are using is greater than this minimum for the solver and problem you are using.  For more information, take a look at: https://docs.dwavesys.com/docs/latest/c_solver_properties.html#minimum-time-limit .

    If this is not the issue, sharing some minimal example of code would help in seeing what is happening.

    Also, just as a general check, are you able to submit problems to other solvers successfully (either your code or some of the D-Wave examples)?


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