• Qubits 2023

    Join the conversation at Qubits.

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  • Leap Admin

    Post your questions and comments regarding the Leap Admin pages here. Leap Admin is visible to people who are designated as "Project Administrators" for their organization's project in Leap. Documentation on Leap Admin is available here: https://docs.dwavesys.com/docs/latest/doc_admin.html

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  • Welcome to the Community!

    General information about the Leap community.

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  • Announcements

    What's going on at D-Wave and in the Leap Community.

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  • Connect on COVID-19 Development

    This area is intended to help you find others who are working on similar projects, or who have similar expertise as yourself, for work related to COVID-19.

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  • Leap IDE (No Longer Available)

    The Leap IDE is no longer available as of November 1, 2023 and has been replaced by enhanced support for third-party integrated development environments (IDEs), both local and cloud-based. For details, see https://support.dwavesys.com/hc/en-us/articles/18683513454743.

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  • Problem inspector

    Handy tips, tricks and interesting tidbits about the inspector.

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  • Technical Discussion for COVID-19 Development

    This area is intended for technical discussion of development efforts around COVID-19.

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  • General Discussion

    Topics which do not fall under any of the existing categories.

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  • Quantum Computing Concepts

    Discussion related to basic quantum computing concepts.

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  • Leap Quantum Coding Challenge

    Try solving the problems in the Leap quantum coding challenge (pilot)!

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  • Coding Tips and Tricks

    Share your ideas on how write effective code for the QPU and troubleshoot issues.

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  • Documentation and Learning Resources

    Questions and discussion about system documentation, Ocean documentation and Jupyter Notebooks

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  • Feature Requests

    Have a new feature in mind? Share it here.

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  • APIs

    Discussion about connecting to the system through the API.

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  • Practical Applications

    Discussion about practical applications developed on the D-Wave QPU.

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  • Demos

    Comments about the Leap demos accessible through Resources.

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  • Python Development

    Discussion about applications using Python.

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  • Physics

    Discussion about the physics of D-Wave's quantum computer.

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