• Welcome to the Community!

    General information about the Leap community.

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  • General Discussion

    Topics which do not fall under any of the existing categories.

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  • Quantum Computing Concepts

    Discussion related to basic quantum computing concepts.

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  • Coding Tips and Tricks

    Share your ideas on how write effective code for the QPU and troubleshoot issues.

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  • Documentation and Learning Resources

    Questions and discussion about system documentation, Ocean documentation and Jupyter Notebooks

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  • Feature Requests

    Have a new feature in mind? Share it here.

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  • APIs

    Discussion about connecting to the system through the API.

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  • App Discussion

    Discussion about applications of the D-Wave QPU.

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  • Demos

    Comments about the Leap demos accessible through Resources.

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  • Python Development

    Discussion about applications using Python.

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  • Physics

    Discussion about the physics of D-Wave's quantum computer.

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