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Previously my pycharm was able to use this problem interpreter. But it cannot be used now. The following error is reported.I imported the package at the beginning:import dwave.inspector.

RuntimeError: Cannot use the problem inspector without a non-open-source 'inspector' application component. Try running 'dwave install inspector' or consult the documentation.

What should I do?I need your help. 



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  • Hello,

    As the error message you are seeing states, you will need to install the inspector application.

    The error message also suggests running dwave install inspector which is described in the Installing Ocean Tools guide.

    The inspector will be installed during the dwave setup step or you can install it explicitly as described above.

    You will need to make sure your virtual environment is activated before running the above command.

    If you are not able to run this from the PyCharm Terminal, you can open a Command Prompt and activate the virtual environment in the project directory as described in the virtual environment section of the Installing Ocean guide, and then running one of the commands described above.

    Please let us know if you are able to get the inspector up and running.

    As a side note, be sure to import dwave.inspector at the beginning of your python project so it functions properly.

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