XOR parity constraint as a QUBO

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I just started learning about formulating problems for quantum annealing. I'm interested in realizing a parity constraint as a QUBO problem. A parity constraint requires the number of 1s in a set of variables to be either even or odd. For example, a XOR b = 1 (the set {a,b} must have an odd number of ones) or a XOR b XOR c = 0 (the set {a,b,c} must have an even number of ones).

In the Problem Solving Handbook, I came across the following table:

It was upsetting to see that an XOR operator requires an ancillary variable because the XOR parity constraints I am interested in are very long.

Just to be sure, I tried formulating a BQM for x_1 XOR x_2 = 1 by making a constraint satisfiability table. I got 1 - x_1 - x_2 + 2*x_1*x_2. I thought that maybe you don't need ancillary variables.

But then I tried finding a QUBO equation for x_1 XOR x_2 XOR x_3 = 1. I was unable to find the equation because a cubic term is required to create an equation that works for all input combinations. I hypothesize that for an n-variable parity constraint, you need n-2 ancillary variables, to compensate for the lack of cubic, quartic, and higher-order polynomial terms in QUBO. This might be why z <=> x_1 XOR x_2 required an ancillary bit (because there are three variables).

I'm wondering how to realize x_1 XOR x_2 XOR x_3 = 1 and ultimately, n-variable parity constraints, as a QUBO with ancillary variables. I don't really understand the how ancillary variables work conceptually (in a QUBO). Any resources are appreciated. I was also wondering if there are ways to reduce the number of ancillary variables as their number may get very high if my (n-2) hypothesis is correct. My end goal is to realize a system of parity constraints as a QUBO and optimize the number of 1s outputted as a solution using quantum annealing.

I am a total beginner so it is almost guaranteed that I am misunderstanding something really basic here. I would really appreciate any articles or tutorial suggestions about this stuff.

Many thanks!



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