No module named 'dwave.system'; 'dwave' is not a package

Hi, in March I checked a few examples and wrote my own code and there were no problems. Now I returned to study, and the code which I checked and which definitely worked returned an error:

No module named 'dwave.system'; 'dwave' is not a package

the same problem is with any other example. Some ideas? 




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  • Hi Aliaksei,

    I noticed that you were able to successfully submit problems after you posted in the community. Would you mind confirming if you are still having this issue?

    If it is not resolved, can you please confirm if you are using a local Ocean SDK setup? If that is the case, please make sure:

    • You are using Python version 3.7 or higher
    • You have installed Ocean SDK in a virtual environment and it is activated before you run your code.

    If you continue to get the error after you have activated the virtual environment, can you please share the output of pip freeze?

    Lastly, if you were able to fix the issue on your own, we would appreciate if you can share your experience or feedback. It helps the community to learn and enables us to improve user experience.

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