minimum vertex cover problem

I am trying to implement the minimum vertex cover problem

So here is my objective:
//minimize the number of vertices/variables
//minimize(Σ xi , i ∈ V) (the sum is over all nodes in the graph)

And here is my constraint:
//xi + xj ≥ 1 for all (i, j) ∈ E
for i in range(len(pair_list)):
       cqm.add_constraint((all_vars[pair_list[i][0]] + all_vars[pair_list[i][1]]) >= 1)

the constraints and objectives are from this link: hvidberrrg/d-wave: Experiments with D-Wave quantum annealing (
But it does not seem to work.

I did not want to write the constraint the way i wrote it above but it is the only way Dwave accepted it.
I wanted to write it like this:
cqm.add_constraint((all_vars[pair_list[i][0]] + all_vars[pair_list[i][1]]) >= 1 for i in range(len(pair_list)))

I appreciate your help!
I am stuck in this part. 


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