Rabi flops of edge quibts

Not sure if this is the right place to ask the following question.

I'm looking for a doc or demo that describes how I can access to the qubit-qubit coupling frequencies and tune/detune them. I'm also looking for a function which can resolve the Rabi frequency (i.e. Rabi flopping) of an individual qubits (doesn't matter at this point if they are entangled or not)?

Here is the break down of the above question:

If we resolve the qubit ground-excited states transitions in the frequency domain, we will see one resonance frequency (that giant spike you notice along the frequency axis which belongs to |g> <--> |e>). If you add anther qubit and let the two qubits to couple, you will notice two spikes, but in between you will notice an extra peak which is the coupling frequency. We call this in the ion-traps field the sidebands, which is mainly due to Coulomb ion-ion interaction. Since D-wave uses superconducting qubits, then the two qubits are coupled via capacitance, which is 'directly' accessible parameter of the Hamiltonian (we can also do that with ions but not as directly in superconducting qubits). 

The question now, I would like to access to this frequency, resolve it to see how many qubits are coupled (assuming I control the number of coupled qubits) and then excite all of the sideband frequencies, is there any way to do that? This fall at the heart of quantum simulation of condensed matter system as well as quantum information transportation.

Ah, don't forget, I also want to resolve the Rabi flops of these qubits (don't worry, I won't destroy the entangled state due to my Ramsey measurement :), I will be only listening to the electronic transition at the edge qubit).

Note: plotting the stuff above is important.






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  • The D-Wave 2000Q system implements a quantum annealing algorithm on a network of tunable and magnetically coupled Ising spins. Your experimental ideas do not map directly onto our hardware.

    Please take a look at the following documentation for details on the D-Wave 2000Q system and the low-level hardware implementation:

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