Posting Guidelines

The Leap community is a great place to pose your ideas and questions to other users. In order to get the best response from the community, we ask that everyone follows these guidelines when creating a new post.

1. Search and research before you post. 

There is a large volume of resources available to all Leap users on programming the QPU. Search the Help Centre and check the Knowledge Base section for documentation first. Your question might be answered already!

2. Use a descriptive title.

It's often a good idea to write your title as a succinct but complete question. For example:

"Can I save my work on Jupyter Notebooks?"

"Why do I get duplicate results when num_reads is set to 10,000?"

3. Provide context for your problem.

If you are working on a specific issue, it will likely help others to know what your broader purpose is. There may be a suitable workaround or a simpler way of achieving the same result.

4. Include the minimum steps or code to reproduce your issue, if one exists.

Tip: you can format your code by using the toolbar at the top of the comment and post boxes.

5. Give information on your software versions and hardware, when applicable.

6. Follow the Leap Code of Conduct.

And that's it! We hope you enjoy the Leap community.




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