Blackbox solver

I have read about Blackbox, a hybrid solver by D-Wave systems in literature. However, I cannot find the solver in the current dwave libraries.

Has the solver deprecated to QBsolv implementing the same Tabu search with calls to the annealer hardware. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.



  • Hello Akshay,

    We're glad that you're interested in hybrid applications with the D-Wave system! We see a lot of potential in this area and our developers are currently working on hybrid tools for the Ocean suite. These tools should be released relatively soon, so stay tuned.

    Regarding Blackbox and QBsolv, the short answer is that these are different tools. Blackbox (also known as QSage) is designed to take an arbitrary objective function and use both classical and quantum resources to find the best solution. It periodically generates a QUBO that approximates the objective function to explore neighbouring solutions.

    QBSolv, on the other hand, is designed to solve a QUBO that would normally be too large to fit on the D-Wave QPU graph. It does this by decomposing the QUBO into smaller pieces, using a hybrid approach to solve each piece and iterate towards a global solution. The sub-QUBO pieces can be solved either with the D-Wave QPU or a classical algorithm. 

    Some relevant documentation for QBSolv:

    Hope this helps!

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  • This helps a lot. Thanks!

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