Random number gerator on a d-wave system

How would be the integrity of a random number generated on a superconducting d-wave qubit? What would be the code to gejerate such a number?



  • Yes, the D-Wave can generate some very fine random numbers. I wrote a program that explores this concept with a coin-flipping simulator. The code pulls truly random values from the D-Wave.


    The code shows how to access the D-Wave, generate random values, display that as a distribution, and also pull out some timing metrics.

    Let me know if this helps.


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  • hey tom,


    thanks for your prompt answer. just by curiosity, how much runtime does your script run on a d-wave?

    To be more specific, I would like a script that generates exactly 80 random bits (80 coin flips).

    I need those bits to generate sentences for my divination program, would like to have your personal mail so that you help me to create this short script.


    thanks again,


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  • Hi Philippe,

    You can generate over 2000 random bits in a single call to the D-Wave. I recommend reading through the code I linked; I wrote the code as a programming tutorial. If you are brand new to the D-Wave, there are many videos, tutorials, etc. on how to get started: https://cloud.dwavesys.com/leap/resources/learning-docs


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  • Hi Thomas P, 

    thank you for sharing your coin flip script. i managed to run it (still can't believe it), and indeed it was fun!!! :-)


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